Kalbe for Healthy Living

  • Kalbe for Healthy Living

    Kalbe for Healthy Living

    Kalbe has contributed to improve health standard of Indonesians and global countries, by providing a complete range of products, from prescription pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter drugs, up to consumer health and nutritional products. Driven by a spirit of innovation, Kalbe has transformed from its humble beginning into the largest publicly-listed pharmaceuticals company in Southeast Asia. Kalbe has expanded its portfolio from over-the-counter products, to prescription pharmaceuticals, growing to include consumer health and nutritional products. Kalbe is now building a presence in the medical device and health service, while at the same time developing competence in biotechnology research and development activities.

    Such development is in line with Kalbe’s vision to be the best Indonesian healthcare company, driven by innovation, strong brands and excellent management. This also supports Kalbe’s mission to improve health for a better life.

    Kalbe has a complete portfolio for all income segments, comprising upper, middle and lower segments. Kalbe welcomes the ratification of the Law for a Social Security Provider Body in the implementation of the National Social Security System. To anticipate the implementation of this national healthcare insurance scheme, Kalbe has augmented its generic production facility capacity, to ensure efficient and productive manufacturing, making quality products available at affordable price to all Indonesians. Expansion of its distribution network is also currently underway, as an initiative of Kalbe to ensure and improve product availability throughout Indonesia and international.

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