Our Vision

To develop Kalbe as a Global company with strong foothold in ASEAN through Quality, Global Brand , Innovation, and Global Operational Excellence that  enabled by Global Talent Management.

About Our Company 

Kalbe International is an international marketing company mainly handles the trading/export transaction of total Kalbe Farma's group of business. This focused, aligned with the shift of strategy, is adjusted accordingly by transforming the organization from what used to be a trading company into a multi-national corporation that controls the whole value chain.

The core operation of Kalbe International pretty much of what we have in Kalbe Farma Tbk, starting from New Product Development, Procurement, Production, Marketing (Brand Management), to Logistic and Distribution. Some other function such as Human Resources, Organization Development, Finance, Accounting, and Legal are present to support the whole business processes of Kalbe International.

Kalbe International Marketing Division currently presents in 12 countries such as Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Nigeria, Thailand, and UAE. We also exist in 15 other countries through trading partnership. Kalbe’s Formulations are manufactured under stringent quality control of GMP. We provide a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical formulations in every major therapeutic categories of customer needs.

"We are in Health Care Business providing Health SOLUTION with Good Quality Product & Service Excellence"

Our Mission

To improve health for a better life.

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