Originating from Australia, WOODS’ Peppermint cough syrup is a household name and found in the medicine cabinet of most homes in the past 100 years and more. KALBE International has taken the trusted solution from Australia with the aim to extend its reach to a wider audience with a presence in the Asia and African continents. WOODS’ Peppermint Cough Syrup comes in both Adult and Children variants while WOODS’ Herbal provides alternative relief through clinically proven natural ingredients. Meanwhile, WOODS’ Peppermint Lozenges is formulated with natural ingredients to soothe throat irritations in six different flavors and sugar-free variants.

Product List
  • Woods' Peppermint Lozenges Sugar Free Lemon

  • Woods' Peppermint Lozenges Sugar Free Licorice

  • Woods' Peppermint Lozenges Sugar Free Original

  • Woods' Peppermint Lozenges Lemon

  • Woods' Cough Syrup Children

  • Woods' Peppermint Antitussive Sachet

  • Woods' Peppermint Antitussive

  • Woods' Peppermint Expectorant Sachet

  • Woods' Peppermint Expectorant

  • Woods' Peppermint Lozenges Blackcurrant

  • Woods' Peppermint Lozenges Cherry

  • Woods' Peppermint Lozenges Honey Lemon

  • Woods' Peppermint Lozenges Orange

  • Woods' Peppermint Lozenges Original

  • Woods' Herbal Medicine

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