According to WHO guideline, it is recommended for mothers to give exclusive breastfeeding from 0 months – 2 years old baby. However, when your baby reaches 6 months old, daily nutrition intake will be increases and nutrition content in breast milk will no longer sufficient to meet the nutrition needed by the baby, therefore additional nutrition for baby starting 6 months above is important and mother need to introduce first weaning food to fulfill baby’s nutritional intake, as a complementary to breast milk. To introduce first weaning food to your baby, choose MILNA.

MILNA is specially formulated from selected high quality ingredients. Enriched with Macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat) & Micronutrients (Vitamins  & Minerals) to fulfill baby’s daily needs and help in supporting their optimum growth & development.

Product List
  • Minla Baby Biscuit Original 6+

  • Milna Baby Cereal 6+Brown-Rice-Banana

  • Milna Baby Cereal 9+ Stew & Green Peas

  • Milna Todler Biscuit

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