Hydro Coco is the pioneer of Coconut water in packaging sold in Indonesia. It is made of the real coconut water, from the biggest plantation in Indonesia and hygienically processed with high technology.

Hydro Coco contain no artificial coloring  & sweetener, and no preservatives, since it is gone through UHT process with Aseptic filling, safe to be consumed every day.

Enjoy all the goodness from coconut water in Hydro Coco.

Hydro Coco, Taste Good, Feel Good!

Product List
  • Hydrococo Coconut Milk Drink 330 ml

  • Hydrococo Coconut Milk Drink 1000 ml

  • Hydrococo Original 330 ml

  • Hydrococo Original 1000 ml

  • Hydrococo No Added Sugar 330 ml

  • Hydrococo No Added Sugar 1000 ml

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