KALBE is recognized by pharmaceutical professionals and consumers as a solution provider with its range of best-selling OTC formulas that are trusted around the world. Our OTC formulas are produced under stringent procedures compliant to international health regulations. As we understand there isn’t a one-size-fits all for our consumers, we therefore provide various options that best fit the majority of consumers in the selected country.


Our Consumer and Beverage Division is a diverse and ever-growing area of our business. Not only do we pride ourselves on developing great tasting and healthy brands, but we aim to make a real difference to communities with our energy drink and coconut based products from production to consumption.


We provide wide range of nutritional products in every stage of human life, from women nutrition, infant and kids, healthy lifestyle up to adult nutrition. As our focus to provide you a better life, we commit to provide a world-class product quality and latest product innovation.


As a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, Kalbe International provide a wide range of medical products, made to cater prescriptions from doctors and clinics. Produced with the medical and pharmaceutical expertise along with licensed procedures and certified materials.

Kalbe provides health care and pharmaceutical professionalism to prescription medication and innovation

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