Kalbe Nutritional Products proven to be safe from Melamine

Kalbe Nutritional products (Prenagen Mama, Diabetasol and Milna baby) are proven to be safe from Melamine after pass the test from International Quality Management System and Food Management System Safety. Here is the message from Kalbe Nutritionals related to the certification:

Thank you for using Milna Baby Biscuit and Prenagen Products. Kalbe Nutritionals is not using Chinese milk and or milk-based derivatives for producing Milna Baby Biscuit,Diabetasol, and Prenagen Products. Kalbe Nutritionals adhere for producing to strict quality and food safety requirements and operates in line with applicable national and international regulations.

Kalbe Nutritionals implementing Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2000) and Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000:2005). We has been successfully assessed and certified by international certification body for Quality Management System & Food Safety Management System.

Please contact this website if you have queries or feedback about our product and we are ready to help you.

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Download Product Catalog
Download Product Catalog
Kalbe is The 2nd Best Company for Investor Relations
The award is given to the KALBE Group for category ratings "Corporate Governance Poll 2011"
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Kalbe Received The Most Admired Enterprise Company Award
Kalbe Received The Most Admired Enterprise Company Award
PT Kalbe Farma Tbk participate in the 46th National Health Day Exhibition (HKN) - For two days, starting from 13th November 2010, the public can get information about Kalbe products in the 46th National Health Days Exhibition (HKN). The event which took place in the monument Jakarta field lasted until around 6 pm which is
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Kalbe International Trading Invitation 2010
Kalbe International Trading Department presents : Kalbe International Trading Discussion 2010. Kalbe International Trading Department presents : Kalbe International Trading Discussion 2010.Kalbe International Trading Department presents : Kalbe Internatio
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DIABETASOL BREAKFAST CLUB : Make It a Delicious Breakfast Health Habit
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Kalbe International Cambodia Office Need People from Cambodia
Kalbe International Pte.Ltd. is one of the biggest pharmaceutical company in South East Asia, now looking for potential talents to be recruited for Cambodia market.
Retinopathy and diabetes
Retinopathy is a general term that refers to some form of non-inflammatory damage to the retina of the eye. Most commonly it is a problem with the blood supply that is the cause for this condition. Frequently, retinopathy is an ocular manifestation of sys
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Silybum marianum and liver disorder
Kalbe Donation to Sumatra Earthquake Victims
Kalbe Donation to Sumatra Earthquake Victims by setting a tent of medical clinic and supplies in Padang.
The Provision of Probitoik during pregnancy will reduce the risk of obesity in the post birth
The Provision of Probitoik during pregnancy will reduce the risk of obesity in the post birth
Kalbe Farma: "Các công ty dược phẩm lớn nhất trong ASEAN"
Kalbe Farma: "Các công ty dược phẩm lớn nhất trong ASEAN"
Kalbe Farma - The Biggest Yet Repected Pharamceutical in ASEAN
Kalbe Farma with current business force has experinced the ups and down. Now they ready to jump to the next level.
Truyền h́nh là không tốt cho em bé
Truyền h́nh là không tốt cho trẻ v́ đây sẽ ảnh hưởng BẠN mối quan hệ với con ḿnh. Bạn có muốn biết tại sao?
TV is Baby Great Enemy
TV is Baby Great Enemy for Baby speaking ability. Agree or disagree ??
The 1st Regional Expert Meeting Paxus PM to be held in Seoul, South Korea where traditional cultures blend with modern life & high technology harmoniously on March 11- 14, 2009.
Kalferon Activities in Myanmar
Kalferon conducted Special Symposium discussion with medical expert about the Hepatitis C Analysisi.
Brain Test Quiz for You
We invite you to do this small brain test to find you how do you work with your logic.
Milna Biscuit for Baby Brain and Teeth Development
Milna is the food complement to mother breast feeding nutrition where to help baby nutritional needs the baby at the age of 6 months old.
Neuralgin Hit Cambodia with Ibuprofen
Launching of The fastest relief pain table in Cambodia yet....
Who Want To Know Low Glucose Solution ??
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The 17th ASEAN Congress of Cardiology has been held from 18th to 21st October 2008 at the National Convention Center at the National Convention Center, Hanoi. This is the greatest event in cardiology hosted for the first time in Hanoi since Vietnam Nation
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With the theme “ Together to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in ASEAN “ , the 17th summit was calling people throughout the vast and crowded areas of Southeast countries to unify in facing the growing challenge of cardiovascular diseases
Procold sponsorship the biggest ping pong championship in Nigeria. Who won the tournament ?
Kalbe Nutritional Products proven to be safe from Melamine
Kalbe Nutritional Products proven to be safe from Melamine after pass the test from International Quality Management System and Food Management System Safety.
New Office Annoucement for Kalbe International
Kalbe International Head Office in Singapore has moved to new location.
CITAZ Launching
In Myanmar, Citaz launched at the end of 2007. A study to observe the clinical effect of Citaz (Cilostazol) for treating Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) has been done recently there.
Win P1 Million by Joining EXTRA JOSS La-Cash ng Trip Mo!
EXTRA JOSS gives a chance for consumers in Philippines to win P1 Million, trip abroad (USA, Bali, Hong Kong) and exciting gadgets in the new consumer promo: EXTRA JOSS La-Cash ng Trip Mo.
Health Care Center (HCC)
The most important contact point with babies in Vietnam is Health Care Center (HCC). During injection day, for big HCC at least around 100 babies are coming.
Milna Baby Olympiad in Johor
In Malaysia, one of the most important contact points is mall as parent always routinely visits during weekend for eye-refreshing, eating-out, watching movie, and shopping. Leveraging the moment of World Olympic 2008.
METRIX Launching RTD
With the change of Kalbe Farma Business Strategy, the management decides to spin off Kalbe International in order to accelerate the growth of international business and realize its ambition to be a global player.
ASOMEX Launching Symposium
On July 19, 2008, Kalbe International launched the first and the only chirally pure S (-) Amlodipine, ASOMEX, in Ho Chi Minh,Vietnam. Launching symposium has been attended by 100 doctors coming from HCM, Mekong and Hue.
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